Byahe (B-ya-hee): Travel


Growing up with a military father and Filipino-Chinese mother, I was raised to love and appreciate culture. My father traveled the world with the Air Force and filled my life with stories from countries far away. My mother, a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, wanted to experience all the world had to offer by opening our home up to anyone and everyone. My fondest memories are of our house being filled with people cooking, sharing a meal, laughing and dancing late into the night. Our lives revolved around people, food and music.


My family taught me there is more to the world than what is right in front of my face; that who people are and where they come from is more important than the differences we may have. Equally important to my family was capturing every moment and documenting life. I'll be honest, this was extremely annoying as a child, but as an adult it is one of the things I’ve grown to value the most from life with my family. My parents understood that life needed to be lived, captured and shared.


Traveling has always been something I loved; I struggle with wanting to be anywhere but where I currently am. It is more than seeing a new place; it’s about meeting new people, trying new foods and hearing new music. For me, traveling isn't limited to jumping on a plane and flying away. It is as simple as walking out my front door and experiencing the world differently than I did the day before. Traveling is more than experiencing new places, it’s experiencing the lives of other people, hearing their stories and sharing them with others.


This project was birth out of a desire to travel to new places, meet new people, create memories and share stories. I am not a professional photographer or accomplished writer. I am someone who believes the world is meant to be traveled, cultures should be experienced, moments have to be captured and life must be shared.